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Welcome!To Hands of Gold Health and Wellness by Danielle Guadarrama,LMT
Massage is an alternative method of healing that has been around for centuries.Proven to be effective in many musculoskeletal  problems and health issues.

When you think of massage you think of a spa and luxury. There is so much more to massage than luxury. Massage has helped people heal from many musculoskeletal issues and health illnesses. The best thing about massage is you will experience the benefits and notice a difference in how you feel after the very first session.  

Did you know that some of the aromatherapy oils that Massage Therapist use have natural healing modalities ?


Here are a few menthol and cinnamon bark oil are natural anti-inflammatories that we use for muscle soreness and pain. It decreases the pain and inflammation in the muscle providing soothing relief.


Here are a few aromatherapy oils that help with headaches and migraines lavendar and peppermint oil. Best of all these oils are extracted from the plant. I use these oils by focusing on the area of pain during your session.

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